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One of our amazing clients Cathy Nuss Decicco has decided to take part in Denver Over the Edge.  This is a fund raising event for Cancer League of Colorado. They donate 100% of the funds raised to support cancer research in Colorado and have been around since 1985.  They have no offices, no employees so what you donate goes directly to research. Many of our clients have been touched by cancer in one way or another and we hope some of you would like to donate to a great cause.  In order to repel down Hyatt Regency (37 floors) Cathy needs to collect $1500.00.  Cancer League of Colorado is a 501C so all contributions are tax deductible. Some of you may know Cathy's story and understand why she is doing this, but maybe you don't know she is afraid of heights.  She believes a lot of things in life will scare you, but we must all find the courage take it on and conquer our fears.  At Pilates Plus we strive to offer support to our community.  If you ware interested in donating to this amazing cause you can click on the link below or find more details at the studio.

Have been working with the great ladies at Pilates Plus since 2012. They really do wonderful things for your body and mind. Have kept me walking and doing the things I love to do long past the time I was expected to be in a wheel chair. None better!
— Jeanie B.
Movement is life.
— Joseph Pilates