Julie Jordan, BA, ATC, PTA   PMA-Certified Pilates Instructor

Julie Jordan, BA, ATC, PTA
PMA-Certified Pilates Instructor

Julie, better known as “Jules,” is the owner of Pilates Plus. Majoring in physical education with an emphasis in athletic training and a minor in holistic health, Jules has spent the past 30 years in the health and wellness industry. She began her career in outpatient physical therapy while providing athletic training services for local high school students.   Jules’s background in rehabilitation is an effective complement to Pilates. She enjoys using this synthesis to help people of all levels regain, keep or improve their health.

Certified Pilates Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant, Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Biofeedback Therapist, Pilates for Golf Instructor, SEAS Level 1 Training for Scoliosis, Polestar Rehabilitation in Pilates

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Amy Franks     MS, ATC, PTA, NSCA-CPT

Amy Franks

Amy is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Athletic Trainer as well as a Certified Personal Trainer.  She is PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) certified with training through Polestar Pilates.  She has been teaching Pilates since 1994 when she first became introduced to the method through work with Englewood Physical Therapy and the Colorado Ballet.

Amy was born and raised in Philadelphia and received her Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from West Chester State University, in Pennsylvania. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of Richmond in Virginia.  She later went on to receive her Associates degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Arapahoe Community College.  She is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Her career began in health and wellness working with high school then collegiate athletes as a Certified Athletic Trainer. Upon moving from the East coast to Colorado in 1994 she turned her focus to Physical Therapy, became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and has over 15 years of experience working in outpatient physical therapy with people of all ages and abilities.  In 2009 Amy joined forces with Pilates Plus and has dedicated herself to her growing body of Pilates students ever since then.

Amy subscribes to the philosophy of “Move It or Lose It”.   She believes that Pilates is a physical wellness regimen that has the power to reconnect the mind and body, with the potential to retrain posture, improve performance and help the body age gracefully.

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Amanda Luton

Amanda Luton

Amanda attended the University of Utah on a full scholarship to the Ballet Department. She graduated with University and Departmental honors, completing a double emphasis in performance and teaching. While at the University Amanda studied and wrote her honors thesis on kinesiology of movement. She has always been fascinated by the body’s ability to do the extraordinary through movement. Amanda moved to Colorado shortly after graduation to begin her dance career with David Taylor Dance Theater.

After a knee injury caused her to take a year off from dance she began pursuing a certification in Pilates. Amanda completed her certification through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Dance Medicine which is affiliated with the D.K. Body Balancing Method. Since completing her certification Amanda has worked in the physical therapy and outpatient orthopedic setting as well as the traditional pilates studio setting. Amanda chose to focus on expanding her skills in the rehabilitation setting because Pilates made it possible for her to continue dancing with various ballet companies in the Denver metro area.

Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to her Pilates classes. In addition to teaching both floor and apparatus classes she has continued to enjoy teaching dance, Pilates and anatomy to students in local dance studios. Amanda has a strong commitment to educating her students and clients on proper body mechanics with the hope that they will be able to enjoy being active and free of injuries throughout their lives.
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Diana Callahan, P.T.

Diana Callahan, P.T.

Diana is a licensed physical therapist who was born and raised outside of Boston. Diana earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-med and her Masters degree in Physical Therapy, both from Simmons College near Fenway Park in Boston.

Diana began her health care and fitness career on the east coast, as a physical therapist, athlete, rowing coach and fitness instructor.  She has coached crew for high school, collegiate and masters women, as well as a PT and coach for WE Can Row, a non-profit organization teaching women’s cancer survivors how to row.  Diana has assisted in data collection and writing for published research through Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Simmons College.

In her physical therapy career, she has worked in a variety of settings including rehabilitation hospitals, multi-trauma and spinal inury units, ICU and outpatient and sports medicine. She has treated patients in the entire age-spectrum from pediatric to geriatric. Through her own journey with injuries, surgeries and physical therapy, she has consistently used Pilates as part of her recovery and wellness programs.

After moving to Colorado in 2006, Diana has focused her physical therapy practice on outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation.  “I really enjoy educating patients and clients on how their bodies move, how to take care of themselves and helping them achieve their best quality of life.”  Diana earned her first Pilates certification through a Pro Health Physical Therapy and is certified through Pilates Method Alliance PMA. She loves being the newest member of the Pilates Plus team and believes that “our health is our greatest wealth.”
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Bridget Ericsson, BA   PMA-Certified Pilates Instructor

Bridget Ericsson, BA
PMA-Certified Pilates

Bridget grew up in Englewood, Colorado and graduated from Western State College with a Bachelors of Arts in Recreation. She started her Wellness career in the outdoors on the ski slopes of Telluride as a ski Instructor working with the adaptive program and in the summer was a leader for the outdoor kids camps where she took them horseback riding, fishing, and hiking.  

She moved to the front range and began her extensive career in the Ski Associations working for the National Ski Patrol, Professional Ski Instructors of America, the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, and the National Ski Areas Associations. During that time she worked as a PSIA Ski Instructor and Ski Coach for the Winter Park Resort and continued to do so for 25 years. She has taught adults, children of all ages, and all ability levels to ski.

After an extensive career in the ski industry Bridget changed paths and fell into the Personal Training world where she obtained her ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification as well as her ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) trainer certification. She has worked for the Colorado Athletic Club for the past 5 years as a trainer specializing in post injury rehabilitation, ski and snowboard conditioning, and agility and balance training.

After working as a trainer for the CAC Bridget was approached by the head of the Pilates Department and asked if she would be interested in teaching/learning Pilates. Her answer was a solid: “no thank you!” Pilates was not a part of her normal repertoire and wasn’t what she considered to be much of a “workout.” Little did she know that she would soon begin to take classes, learn that Pilates helped with her lower back pain, and that she would actually enjoy it. One year later she was a fully certified Pilates Method Alliance Instructor and has been loving the heck out of it ever since.

Bridget’s philosophy is: “Everything in moderation including moderation.” She tries to put this to use in her daily life balancing being a mom to two teenagers, working 3 jobs, and most recently authoring her first book called Pilates for Skiers. Bridget’s hope is to help people move, feel better, and live a more enjoyable life through sharing her love of Pilates with them.


“Practicing Pilates in addition to personal training with Bridget for the past three years has allowed me to correct and retrain how my body moves. It has dramatically increased my flexibility and core strength, eliminated my neck, lower back, and knee pain, and has improved my digestion and sleep.”

--Don Mather