Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities.  It is an excellent method to strengthen, lengthen, tone and balance muscles. Pilates improves posture and increases flexibility.  Optimize your health and wellness with Pilates by enhancing coordination, control and fluidity of movement.

Pilates Plus offers a small instructor to class ratio with three levels of challenge:

Build your Pilates foundation through focus on form and body awareness.  Get a full body workout while moving at a slower more purposeful pace.  Become a stronger, better mover and leave feeling a renewed sense of self.

Grow your Pilates IQ by expanding your Pilates repertoire.  Enjoy a strenuous workout performed at a deliberate pace with a complexity of moves that will challenge not only your body but also your mind.  Develop a better balanced, taller new you.

For accomplished Pilates students only.  Explore the limits of your strength, stamina and stability in our most dynamic class offering.  Your mastery of Pilates skills will be put to the test through advanced tempo and choreography.  Experience a workout that will leave you energized and glowing.

We all know the many benefits of regular exercise and how incredibly important it is for pregnant women to remain active throughout their pregnancy.  If you're looking to stay fit and feel good during your entire pregnancy, both the prenatal and postnatal periods,  Pilates is one of the best exercises! 

Pilates, under proper supervision and guidance, combines both stretching and strengthening to stay fit and prepare you for the delivery of your baby.  Diana offers up plenty of options for modifications based on your specific needs so no matter what stage in the pregnancy you are at you can exercise and feel good.  This class is specially designed to keep mamas safely moving throughout the 9 months of pregnancy and continue to help during postnatal period. Come join us to learn more about pelvic stabilization and full body strengthening during this special time.

Class is taught by Diana Callahan a certified physical therapist with over 18 years experience and a mom of three ages 2-5!  This class is appropriate for all levels of abilities from newbies to those with years of pilates experience. Feel free to contact Diana if you have further questions or concerns.  303-989-4100

Please discuss any new exercise routine with your physician before starting and schedule with Diana for a "New to Pilates" session to assess if a group class is appropriate for you.


My feet are so much stronger, they just don’t hurt!
My arches don’t collapse anymore.
— Kathleen K.