Diana Callahan, P.T.

Margaret Woodward, MS, PT

Margaret Woodward, MS, PT

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Pilates Plus is pleased to offer physical therapy as a compliment to your health and wellness program. Our Physical Therapists, Diana Callahan and Margaret Woodward each have their own areas of expertise and specialization (see bios below). Please contact them directly for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Diana Callahan is a licensed physical therapist who was born and raised outside of Boston. Diana earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-med and her Masters degree in Physical Therapy, both from Simmons College near Fenway Park in Boston.

Diana began her health care and fitness career on the east coast, as a physical therapist, athlete, rowing coach and fitness instructor.  She has coached crew for high school, collegiate and masters women, as well as a PT and coach for WE Can Row, a non-profit organization teaching women’s cancer survivors how to row.  Diana has assisted in data collection and writing for published research through Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Simmons College.

In her physical therapy career, she has worked in a variety of settings including rehabilitation hospitals, multi-trauma and spinal injury units, ICU and outpatient and sports medicine. She has treated patients in the entire age-spectrum from pediatric to geriatric. Through her own journey with injuries, surgeries and physical therapy, she has consistently used Pilates as part of her recovery and wellness programs.

After moving to Colorado in 2006, Diana has focused her physical therapy practice on outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation.  “I really enjoy educating patients and clients on how their bodies move, how to take care of themselves and helping them achieve their best quality of life.”  Diana earned her first Pilates certification through a Pro Health Physical Therapy and is certified through Pilates Method Alliance PMA. She loves being the newest member of the Pilates Plus team and believes that “our health is our greatest wealth.”

Margaret Woodward earned her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy in May 1994 from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver. Since then, she has devoted her practice to orthopedic rehabilitation of the spine, pelvis, and hips. These studies have led her to a successful career centered around treating disc herniations, post-operative spinal/ abdominal pain and dysfunction, and pain and dysfunction in the pelvis (including pelvic floor), hips, neck, and head.

Her passion rests in “getting to the root of the problem”. Studying various teams of research groups from Australia, Canada, Belgium, and America, she has integrated numerous evaluation techniques to develop her own comprehensive approach that quickly identifies causes of pain and dysfunction. This enables her to successfully treat those who have failed previous course in physical therapy.

After identifying the causes of pain and dysfunction, successful treatment can occur. Using manual therapy techniques to correct joint problems, nerve compression, nervous system upregulation, and soft tissue dysfunctions, she corrects each body system with her skillful techniques. She also works closely with Pilates and Yoga based specialists to ensure proper movements and muscle recruitment to support her work.

When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her 2 adult daughters hiking, camping, travelling, and enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.