Joan Jordan, GCFP, CMT

Private 1-hour sessions with Joan are available on Thursdays and Fridays by appointment.
$ 75/ single session
$280/4-session package

For more information about what to expect in a session:

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About Feldenkrais

These gentle, yet sophisticated movement explorations allow the mind to quiet down and the body to relax so you can discover how you, with your unique history, can move more easily. The increased sense and awareness you gain will help to get more benefit from your Pilates, Yoga or other workouts. Learning the power of integrating your skeleton helps you work more efficiently and get stronger faster in a safe way. These hands-on movement explorations can help improve range of motion, reduce pain, and get a better sense of balance.

About Joan

Joan is a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, licensed by the North American Feldenkrais Guild. Before becoming a Feldenkrais® Practitioner, she was a Certified Massage Therapist and Natural Health Educator for over 30 years. Her training has been vast and ongoing, drawing from many approaches including Swedish, Acupressure (trigger points), OrthoBionomy (joint mobilization), and Reiki (energy work).

Thirty years of massage therapy and computer work left Joan with some habitual postures that were causing pain and chronic tension. She found that various exercise programs and bodywork techniques helped, but weren’t changing deep neurological habitual ways of moving that were at the root of her pain and tension. The search for more effective solutions led her to a 4-year Feldenkrais® training which helped her explore, unwind and replace unhealthy postures with more effective ways to move, sit, stand, hike, garden and do her work.

She loves how the Feldenkrais® movement work leads to more permanent changes in her clients as well—enabling them to move freely and live a full, enriching life. She works with individuals recovering and rehabilitating from surgery, injury, and illness and particularly enjoys helping folks age in place.

Improve movement, improve life.
— Moshe Feldenkrais